Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Video of the Day: B1A4 - "Solo Day"

Although it is the middle of the summer season, I kinda feel like K-pop hasn't really gotten into the summer vibe yet. I mean, there haven't been many songs with light summer concepts if you think about it. For instance, f(x) made their comeback with the edgy "Red Light", while BEAST's "Good Luck" and Infinite's "Back" are kinda on the dramatic side. In my opinion, there is a serious lack of K-pop songs that are just FUN.

Which is why the latest release called "Solo Day" from the quirky boy group B1A4 is exactly what I've been waiting for - catchy, upbeat and laid-back. "Solo Day" is an all-around feelgood kind of song. And the accompanying music video also stands out with its pure awesomeness. It was filmed in California in an open location and features lots of beautiful camera shots. In the video, each of the members play a different role - pizza delivery boy, flower boy vagabond, OCD guy, space geek and couch potato. But the best part is, there are UFOs! Now, how about that?

I warmly recommend you guys to check it out for yourselves, cause I can pretty much guarantee you'll be loving it. 

More Smouldering Stares from Park Seo Joon in Marie Claire

Yes, we have more of Park Seo Joon. No need to thank me.

Indeed, the young actor is featured in the latest issue of Marie Claire. This time he goes more for the brooding bad boy vibe, wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette. 

Suzy is Elegant Yet Sultry on the Pages of Marie Claire

As a continuation of the Cosmopolitan pictorial I posted previously, Miss A's Suzy also poses seductively in the newest issue of Marie Claire, wearing the beautiful pieces from Cartier's new jewelry collection. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video of the Day: Mamamoo - "Mr. Ambiguous"

Why haven't I heard about this group until now? 

Apparently, Mamamoo is a four-member rookie girl group who made their official debut with "Mr. Ambiguous" last month, and I have to say that I'm very impressed. These girls could totally rival SPICA with their vocals and they seem to carry lots of sass as well. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini-Impressions: High School King of Savvy and Fated to Love You

Summer drama season has fully kicked off and there are so many new releases to be discussed that I hardly know where to start. I've spent the last week and a half trying to catch up with the new dramas. In this post, I'll be tackling High School King of Savvy and Fated to Love You, giving my overall thoughts on their first episodes. 

I'll probably do another Mini-Impressions post on other new dramas I've checked out recently, so stay tuned for more.

Also, a small disclaimer. I won't be commenting much on the plots of these two dramas as I expect those who read this post to already know what the shows are about. These are just my reactions and thoughts about the first episodes, without any further explanations. Hopefully you don't feel too confused.

Suzy is Captivatingly Beautiful in July Issue of Cosmopolitan

In this recent pictorial for the July issue of Cosmopolitan, Miss A's Suzy wears Cartier's jewelry, looking truly exquisite and alluring. The photo shoot took place in Hawaii. 

Jo Yoon Hee is a Stunning Beach Goddess for Cosmopolitan

Actress Jo Yoon Hee is almost unrecognizable in her sun-kissed tan for this month's issue of Cosmopolitan. Last time I saw her, she was sporting a bowl cut in Nine: Nine Times Time Travel. But in this summery pictorial, Jo Yoon Hee is breath-taking and seductive as she poses in nautical-inspired fashion. 

T.O.P and Sohee Model Together in Reebok Classic Ads

Big Bang's T.O.P and Wonder Girls' ex-member Sohee have been chosen as the endorsement models for Reebok Classic. Though I'd say that they're looking oddly sullen in this pictorial. A smile would sell the product better, I think.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Smouldering Park Seo Joon for High Cut and Elle [UPDATED]

Attention everybody! There's a new young hottie in town and he's ready to rival your biases in the never-ending list of K-crushes. 

Yup, heartthrob Park Seo Joon models for the newest issues of High Cut and Elle, looking mighty fine. If that gaze doesn't get you, then please kindly go and watch him romance Uhm Jung Hwa in Witch's Romance. That should definitely do the trick.

Park Si Yeon Cast in The Greatest Marriage Alongside Bae Soo Bin and No Min Woo

Actress Park Si Yeon, who was caught in a propofol scandal last year, is apparently already returning to television. 

In last year's October, she received suspended sentence of eight-month prison term, which she could avoid by being on a two-year-probation and not committing any other offence during that time. Having been pregnant at the time of the controversy, Park took time off after that and spent it with her newborn baby girl and close family.