Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WGM's Woojung Couple Eun Jung and Lee Jang Woo Possibly Reunite for an Upcoming Movie

Guys, I actually really want this casting to happen. Ham Eun Jung and Lee Jang Woo were the last We Got Married couple I loved, and after their departure I haven't really watched the show because I missed them so much. And this casting could be the closest we could be to the WGM fantasy coming true. And no, I'm not being delusional. Or maybe just a little bit.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Seven Types of K-drama Endings

While the beginning of a K-drama is a pivotal thing to get the viewers interested, they can be considered easy when compared to the endings. It is the ending that matters most in every story. 

So today, we are going to list the seven different types of K-drama endings - from the bad to the good to the wacko, and everything in between. These are all endings which every fan has probably come across more than once during their long drama-watching career. Some more than others, though. 

But let's get to it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kim So Yeon for 1st Look, Marie Claire and InStyle

Although I never got around to watching her performance in I Need Romance 3 (and later heard it wasn't really worth the effort), I think I'm starting to develop a serious girl crush on Kim So Yeon who is all kinds of gorgeous in these pictorials for 1st Look, Marie Claire and InStyle

I mean really, if I was a guy...

Sung Joon for High Cut, Vogue Girl and Marie Claire

I realize that I haven't posted any new photos of Sung Joon in this blog in a while (a long long while), which makes me feel kinda bad. But I promise to make it up now by sharing his three most recent photo shoots with High Cut, Vogue Girl and Marie Claire
Yeah, my heart feels more at peace now that we've had a dose of Sung Joon.

Kim Ji Won for Sure, Vogue Girl and 1st Look

Kim Ji Won, who we will be seeing on Fridays and Saturdays starting tomorrow in the drama Gapdong, has posed for three completely contrasting fashion photo shoots. She's a glamourous beauty for Sure, a youthful flower child for Vogue Girl, and a seductive femme fatale for 1st Look

Video of the Day: BTS "Just One Day" MV + Live Performance on Kiss The Radio

I sometimes wonder how can I possibly fall in love with so many K-pop groups at the same time. Is that a special skill I have developed over the years of listening to K-pop? Or am I simply so shallow that I let myself be swayed by the pretty faces of idol stars? Eh, who knows? 

This time I've found myself obsessing over BTS aka Bangtan Boys (though I always pronounce their band name as Behind the Scenes in my mind, ha), a rookie boy group that debuted in last year's summer. Though I didn't pay much attention to them before, I was well aware that they we're being received pretty well because of their rapping and dancing skills. I had a listen to their 2nd single "We Are Bulletproof" when it came out, but since the song didn't quite do it for me I forgot about the group for a while.

However, last week BTS released a music video for "Just One Day" from their first album, which came out in February, and as soon as I watched it I was hooked. The music video is very simple, with a bit of dancing and some pretty shots of the members, but it's so sweet and it will probably make you fall in love with these boys in a second. And the song is lovely.

The boys also sang the song live on KBS Cool FM's radio program Kiss The Radio and I am so in love with this performance, even though it's such a simple one without any costumes or choreography. I just love hearing their voices live. I have to say, the rappers of this group are really amazing, at least for a K-pop group. Especially Rap Monster whose rap sequence is so nuanced and fast. But I also love the vocalists' sweet voices which compliment the raps perfectly. Jin's vocals sounded the most beautiful to me in this performance, though. I hope they'll be singing the song in upcoming music shows too, cause I just can't get enough of it.

Goo Hye Sun Shows Off Her New Look for Sure

Wow! I can hardly recognize Goo Hye Sun in these pictures from her recent photo shoot with Sure magazine, where she looks so cool and yet really gorgeous at the same time. It's definitely a nice transformation from her previous dark-haired look - and I love it.
Hye Sun is set to make her first small screen appearance in two years in the new weekend drama Angel Eyes (after the childhood part is over) where she steps in the role of an emergency 119 worker. I'm not sure whether I'll be checking out the drama, but I am curious whether Hye Sun has toned down her exaggerated acting during her two-year break from dramas. I sincerely hope she has, for the sake of those who are watching Angel Eyes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Posters, Stills and Highlights for the Upcoming My Girl Reunion in Hotel King

I'm surprised how excited I am for the upcoming MBC weekend drama Hotel King. Okay no...I am not surprised because after all this drama is going to reunite one of my favourite on screen pairings once more - Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae. While My Girl doesn't hold up to today's standards in all respects, it is still one of my sentimental favourites and it's mostly because of the awesome chemistry between the main leads. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Video of the Day: MBLAQ - "Be a Man"

Just a week ago, MBLAQ released their music video for "Be a Man" and ever since I gave it a listen few days back I've been in love with this song, which is quite new for me because I've never really listened to MBLAQ's music before. I've got couple of songs in my music collection but I haven't yet been impressed by them musically. Well...that isn't really true because I know the boys are really talented actually. Besides I find them hilarious on variety shows. It's just...yunno...their songs haven't been exactly to my taste so far.
"Be a Man", however, is simply awesome. It's a ballad but it has a good rhythm and sounds so smooth and sexy. I really love how the vocals are used in the song. The video is equally cool. It's in black and white tones and doesn't use a lot of props. But the simple concept works well in this case. And I love the choreography which is both masculine but also quite sexy. Not to mention, the boys look really handsome in these suits. In my opinion, there's nothing hotter than a guy in a well-fitted suit. I mean, just look at MBLAQ!

By the way, the live performances are really cool as well. So be sure to check out those if you like the song. The boys are pretty good at live singing.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lee Jong Suk Receives Criticism for Allegedly Rejecting a Fan Gift

As you might have heard, Lee Jong Suk is accused harshly for ignoring a fan and refusing to accept her gift in an airport. The story is accompanied by series of photos and a video which are currently analyzed by a team of "CSI netizens" who are obviously the experts in the field (ha).