Monday, September 15, 2014

2PM's Taecyeon Geeks Out with GEEK

Taecyeon, who is known to be one of the dorkiest members in 2PM, shows his fun-loving personality in this fresh photo shoot for GEEK's second anniversary issue. Yet despite the wacky poses, the singer still looks all kinds of suave and charming.  

2PM's Woo Young Enjoys Bali Vacation with Céci

In the spirit of 2PM's comeback with "Go Crazy", I feel that it's the best time to post this pictorial of Woo Young from this month's issue of Céci

For this photo shoot, the handsome singer travelled to the popular holiday of Bali. Dressed in chic resortwear, Woo Young shows sexy masculine appeal and confidence as he poses for the pictures. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Park Si Yeon is a Badass Baby Mama in The Greatest Marriage Poster

I woke up today to seeing this awesome poster of Park Si Yeon for The Greatest Marriage on my newsfeed and I knew I had to share it here.

While the teaser trailers, which I talked about in my previous postwere perhaps not that eye-capturing and exciting, this poster sure is. At first sight it kinda looks like a promotional picture for a noir genre movie with a strong sexy femme fatale character who's out for revenge. But then you see the baby in her hands and realize how it fits within the context of the drama. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Single Moms Hwaiting! Trailers for the Weekend Drama The Greatest Marriage

I am glad to say that after an unfortunate drug abuse controversy last year, actress Park Si Yeon is returning to acting with a new drama.

The drama in question is The Greatest Marriage. It is about a star news anchor Cha Gi Young (Park Si Yeon) who unexpectedly becomes pregnant and decides to be a single mom. Gi Young is ambitious and capable when it comes to her job, but her career takes a hit when everyone finds out she's having a child out of wedlock. Because her boyfriend Park Tae Yeon (No Min Woo) is far from being ready to be a daddy, Gi Young chooses to accept single motherhood, even though her life gets considerably more complicated in result. While her character rejects the idea of marriage, she will have a romantic relationship with her coworker and rival Jo Eun Cha (Bae Soo Bin).

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Drama Check-In: The Fated Number 9

Welcome back to Drama Check-In. I wasn't planning to post another one so soon, but dramas don't wait and since I watch so many at once, I still have lots to discuss. So let's talk some dramas, shall we?

Also, keep in mind to read the sections for dramas you're at least as caught up with as I am, so you won't be exposed to any spoilers

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Video of the Day: BTS's Special Chuseok Dance Performance

Yes, more BTS. And you better get used to that because it seems I keep making Video of the Day posts all about them lately.

To celebrate the beginning Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), the group released a special dance practice version of the title track "Danger" from their first full album Dark & Wild

The funny thing is, the members are dressed in hanboks for this performance. I guess it sounds kinda ridiculous, considering that "Danger" it's a hip-hop song with pretty aggressive choreography, but that's obviously the point. Which is why the result is this super adorable video. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Old Fully-Clothed T.O.P. for Harper's BAZAAR, Max Movie Magazine and High Cut

While the interwebs is going crazy over Big Bang T.O.P.'s topless scene in Tazza: The Hidden Card, I will give you the T.O.P. we all know and love - the fully-clothed T.O.P. 

Although I like the man in any shape and form, I cannot deny that I've grown to love his quirk of wearing long sleeves and layers upon layers at all times, even during summertime. And I love it especially because that doesn't stop him from continuously being voted as one of the sexiest stars in K-pop, and last year not only in K-pop but in the entire world! 

So when you've stopped oogling at pictures of the bed scene in Tazza 2 that are spreading on Twitter, let us once again celebrate the guy, who proved us that sexy does indeed come from within, with these three pictorials for Harper's BAZAAR, Max Movie Magazine and High Cut.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Park Si Yeon is an Elegant Enchantress for Woman Chosun and a Las Vegas Diva for Marie Claire

After some serious legal troubles last year, actress Park Si Yeon returns to the spotlight.

Park looks wears a beautiful long figure-flattering gown on the pages of Woman Chosun, looking breath-takingly gorgeous. Meanwhile, Marie Claire's pictorial takes her to Las Vegas, where she poses in various locations with CARLYN bags to keep her company.

Criminals Fight Crime in OCN's October Drama Bad Guys

Cable network OCN has been a home for dark and stylish crime thrillers for a while now, consistently bringing something entirely different to the table in drama land. While I'm personally not a big fan of the crime genre, it certainly makes me happy that at least one channel produces dramas for that kind of audiences.

The newest addition to OCN's crime drama collection will be Bad Guys. The series will revolve around a police detective Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong) who is given a task to form a special team of criminals that can help police forces to catch other baddies still roaming around. The three criminals who make the team are: gangster Park Woong Cheol (Ma Dong Suk), contract killer Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyuk) and genius psychopath Lee Jung Moon (Park Hae Jin). Also to join them is police inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won).

Monday, September 1, 2014

Upcoming Drama Iron Man Looks Like a Big Joke

Should I laugh or should I cry?

Indeed, the upcoming KBS drama Iron Man sounded kinda ridiculous from day one, but after releasing two first teasers and official posters the whole thing just looks plain stupid. 

Apparently, the 20-episode action-romance drama promises a lot of angst and man pain. The hero, played by Lee Dong Wook, is a wealthy man who develops an ability to sprout knives from his body because of the hurt he carries in his heart (???). He starts out as heartless and arrogant, but grows into a better person when he falls in love with a woman with a bright personality (Shin Se Kyungwho helps to heal his wounded heart.